James French — Emergency Physician

How James French saves 2 hours per day using Medical Scribe by Lindy

Improved patient documentation accuracy and detail
Custom lindy templates made
Time reduction on manual patient notes

"Anyone in the medical field should be leveraging AI and Lindy is the first system that should be integrated into your workflow. Lindy has improved the quality and detail of my medical records by 80%"

James French
Level 1 Emergency Physician, Owner of AEMS Medical

The Challenge

James French, an Emergency Physician at AHMS Medical - a large academic Emergency Department and Level 1 Trauma center in Canada- faced several, significant challenges before integrating Lindy AI into his medical practice:

Goals for Using Lindy AI Medical Scribe

James aimed to address these challenges and achieve substantial results:

James saves 90 minutes to 2 hours per day on manual patient notes and updates his EMR, despite it being outdated and previously consuming a lot of his time between and after patients. 
James has reportedly improved the quality of his medical records by 80% and is known around the clinic to have the most thorough patient notes.
James often refers back to the transcript to ensure 100% accuracy of his records. 

Hear what James had to say about Lindy

James French underscored the pivotal role of Lindy AI in modernizing medical workflows:

"Anyone in the medical field needs to learn how to use Artificial Intelligence. These systems are helping us keep up to date and Lindy is the first system that should be integrated into your workflow."

The Solution

Lindy AI seamlessly integrated into James's medical workflow:

The Results