If ChatGPT and Zapier had a baby

Build custom AI Assistants to automate any
business workflow — no code required.

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Use it for

Flawless support — instantly and 24 / 7

Give it your knowledge base
Define escalation rules

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Provide answers to your team — instantly and 24 / 7

Answer internal tickets instantly
Easy way to access your knowledge base
Define escalation rules

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Hire the best candidates

Screen resumes
Schedule interviews

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More leads, better CRM hygiene

Auto update your CRM
Coach reps with custom rules
Get insights from sales calls

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Focus on the stuff that matters

Seamless scheduling
Email drafting & triaging
Meeting recording

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Put processes on autopilot

Automate communication with customers and vendors
Fill out and review documents
Integrate with all your internal systems

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Automate your medical documentation with an AI medical scribe

Lindy transforms clinician-patient interactions into accurate, comprehensive SOAP notes in real-time.

Seamlessly integrates with EMR to produce fast, tailored notes for each provider.

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How Lindy works

3,000+ integrations out of the box

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Societies of Lindies

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Organize your Lindies in societies for them to collaborate together and handle your most complex workflows.

Event-based triggers

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Keep a human in the loop

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Just describe to Lindy, in natural language, when you’d like to be looped in.

Find ready-made Lindies in the Lindy Store

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Create your own Lindies from scratch, or find Lindies pre-made for specific jobs in the Lindy Store and install them in one click.


Infinitely elastic and scalable

Lindies operate on natural language instructions along with specific tools and actions.

Consistently competent

Get it done right, every single time.

Available immediately, 24 / 7 / 365

Lindy never sleeps and gets things done in 1 minute.

Personalizable and adaptable

Lindy follows all your rules and can adapt to new situations.

Meet your AI employee.

Get things done 10x cheaper, 10x faster with your custom AI — no coding required.

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