Are AI-Powered Customer Support Tools Ready for Primetime?

You’re probably familiar with those robotic customer support chatbots that feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. But AI is already getting smarter, better, and faster.  

New AI-powered customer support tools like Lindy use advanced language models to have natural conversations, with 24/7 availability in almost any language for a fraction of the cost. 

But are they reliable? Are AI support tools finally for primetime – and your clients? 

In this article, we’ll go over: 

Time to get started!

What are customer support AI tools, and how do they work?

Customer support AI tools use artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to handle customer service queries. 

They allow companies to automate common support tasks like answering basic questions, handling refunds or returns, and managing account issues.

Here are the main types of AI customer support tools: 

Why use AI for customer support?

There’s plenty to love about AI customer support tools:

Who are the major players in the AI customer support game?

With AI customer support making big media waves, it’s no understatement to say that people are spoiled for choice. But which tools are the real deal, and who are the major players in this game? 

In 2024, they are: 

The downsides of AI customer service (and how the best AI tools counter them)

While AI-powered customer support tools bring efficiency to the table, they're not without their glitches. 

Luckily, the crème de la crème among these tools are equipped to mitigate such challenges:

Summing up

Many AI customer support tools aren’t perfect – yet. But the best-of-the-best? You bet they are!

You just have to find one that fits your needs, do your homework, and set it up right, and it can absolutely be ready to tackle even the hardest customer queries.

For a fraction of the cost of human reps, you could have an AI representative working 24/7/365. And as the tech keeps advancing, these tools will only continue to improve!